GGS Maintenance Plan

Last Updated 06/16/2021


Typically, a small to medium sized company website costs between $5,000 to $10,000. Large company websites can reach $20,000+. Even as website prices continue to bloat, the average lifespan of a website continues to drop. That average website lifespan today is 2 years and 7 months (31 total months). To make matters worse, other companies will require that you pay one large lump sum and once your new website is complete you are typically stuck with what you have. You are given little to no ongoing assistance from other website builders.

That’s not how we do things!

Our primary objective at Gamma Guys Studio is to form lasting and ongoing relationships with our clients as their businesses continue to evolve. In doing so, we know that when your website reaches its lifespan, then you will come back to us for your redesign. We believe that this creates a much smoother transition between your sites and provides you with a stress-free process. At the end of the day we know you want to worry about your business, not your website. In addition, our Maintenance Plan provides you with continuing support and maintenance. This gives you the peace-of-mind to focus on your business and not have to worry whether or not your website is staying up-to-date, bug free, or running smoothly. This ongoing support will most likely increase the lifespan of your website greatly!

Maintenance Plan:

  • $500/month for website hosting and complete maintenance
    • We will take care of any and all website maintenance edits* that you need (place new images, add or delete content, rearrange sections, you name it - as long as it is not a full redesign then it’s covered in your monthly plan).
    • *Please allow 3 day maximum delivery time.
    • Think of it this way: $500/month is $6,000 a year...would you rather pay $6,000 a year or pay a full yearly salary for an in-house employee to maintain your website? $6,000 is a fraction of an employee’s yearly salary. That seems like an easy decision to us!

We even offer our Maintenance Plan for websites that we did not originally build. This is perfect for a business that is happy with their existing website, but just needs some ongoing assistance. That is where we come in! Save thousands by hiring us instead of a full time in-house employee.

Full Design & Development Package:

  • Custom website or web app (made using CMS or custom coded)
  • Website Features:
    • Website built in whatever CMS you prefer
    • Completely responsive websites for all devices and screen sizes
    • Website built for all browser types
    • Fully ADA compliant websites
    • Beautiful, modern website design that follow current web standards
    • Fast, fast, fast website page speed!
    • High SEO ranking websites
    • Advanced website features that boost interactiveness and conversion rate
  • 50% off Maintenance Plan ($250/month)
  • 50% off your initial website cost (saving you thousands of dollars upfront)
    • We estimate your full website hours and cost at our rate of $200/hour, then CUT THE PRICE IN HALF!
    • Only offered with purchase of the Maintenance Plan

If you are interested, we are happy to send you a cost comparison and example breakdown to showcase the savings you will receive when you package the Full Design & Development Package with our Maintenance Plan.

We do offer our Full Design & Development Package with or without the Maintenance Plan in order to fit all businesses needs. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we are happy to accommodate.

Contact us and get your new website started today!

Photo by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon on Unsplash